Broken Player Records is an independent record label founded in 2008 by Kristy Gallacher http://www.kristygallacher.com. Being somewhat disillusioned and fiercely independent in 2008 (after completing a Degree in Music Composition from Coventry University) Kristy wanted to make the art and music she wanted with artistic control over the output and so decided to take the reigns as an independent artist. She formed her own independent record label; Broken Player Records and has been self sufficient ever since.

To date Broken Player Records has released 3 studio albums, her debut ‘Emotional Gun’ (2008), ‘Spinning Plates (2012) and ‘The Game’ (2014). ‘Emotional Gun’ was subsequently selected for the British Library Project which achieves significant new music. The label has also has also released 4 Eps and live album from the Historic Troubadour, Earls Court, London.

Here at Broken Player Records we are truely thankful to each and every person in their support from either buying albums, coming to gigs or simply helping to spread the word.

Music should always be about music. Welcome to Broken Player Records.